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issue 2
- Bridging the Skills Gap
- 2012 Randstad International Trends and Workplace Survey Report
- The Multigenerational Workplace
- IT Projects: Manage Risk & Increase Visibility through SOW
- Local High School Students exploreWork with Randstad
- Randstad selected as one of GWBC's Top Corporations!
- RCS Insights Knowledge Center
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Shirley Jones, SVP
Bridging the Skills Gap
Month to month, the unemployment story remains the same.  With nearly 13.5 million Americans currently unemployed, it seems logical that recruiters would have plenty of options.  Yet, 2.5 million jobs go unfilled each month and when it comes to specific industries, recruiters are struggling to keep their heads above water in a diminishing talent pool.
According to Careerbuilder, the most difficult positions to fill are in the following arenas:  Engineering, Information Technology, R&D, Production and C-level executives.  Companies with openings in these areas cannot afford to wait for the right person to appear and they’ve been forced to do things they haven’t had to do in a while.  When surveyed about their strategies, most employers report that they are going to hire employees without experience and train them.  Others are going to cross-train their existing employees and some are going after those employed by competitors in a hope to shorten the learning curve.
This skills gap or “talent crunch” is having an impact on existing employees, as well.  They report being overworked and that quality, morale and revenue are all declining.  As a result, turnover is on the upswing, perpetuating the problem.   
Yet, there are solutions to this dilemma.  Companies are engaging recruitment companies, like Randstad, to quickly and deftly identify top talent.  Once they’ve been found, Randstad Corporate Services partners with clients to develop employee retention programs that minimize turnover and increase productivity. 
Click here for the report by Careerbuilder, as well as, the recommendations on how to best respond to the current recruiting market.
2012 International Trends & Workplace Survey Report
Between October 2011 and February 2012, Randstad consultants surveyed 1,799 decision makers and human resources executives in 13 countries.  The outlook appears to be relatively optimistic, as nearly half of the companies surveyed believe they will recover from the economic down turn after 2012.
Looking toward a future of growth and expansion, human resources executives report being concerned with how to increase productivity and performance, develop talented leaders, attract new talent and guard against losing existing talent to competitors.  In fact, the majority of respondents are somewhat to very concerned that they will experience an increase in turnover as the economy begins to improve.
That being said, almost half of the companies surveyed are currently hiring or plan to hire new staff in 2012.  This is good news, especially for those in the fields of operations, marketing and accounting and finance, where the largest reported layoffs occurred in the previous year.  When it comes to finding those new hires, the most popular sources cited were recruitment companies, employee referrals and company websites.

Other key findings related to the economy, talent and recruiting, sustainability, and compensation and benefits, can be found in the full report.
The Multigenerational Workplace: How to Work, Learn, Share, Discover, Innovate, and Prosper Together
The current U.S. workforce consists of four generations, spanning ages 16 to 60-plus, all with different perceptions, understandings, and prejudices.  Each group has its own idea about how to work and how the other generations function. 

The most noticeable differences between the generations are related to learning, respect for authority, work ethic, relationships and the reason for working.  Bridging the gaps is not simple.  Each generation requires a different set of standards to motivate them.  As a result, inspiring optimum performance from a multigenerational group of workers is a primary challenge for managers across all industries.
Learn more about creating an atmosphere where all employees are able to contribute to company goals and achieve success together.
IT Projects: Manage Risk & Increase Visibility through SOW
A well-written, effective Statement of Work (SOW) is essential to technology-project success.  By ensuring all details are captured up front, budgetary issues, delays, project failure and organizational risk can be avoided.  Using a VMS tool to manage the SOW process is gaining popularity with many organizations as it offers a variety of benefits to the company and project owner. 
The most critical step and for many, the most challenging piece, is writing the SOW.  It must clearly define the measurable targets and project parameters that will lead to success.  Failing to articulate expectations at the start can result in confusion and ultimately, failure for all involved.  By creating the SOW in the VMS, the project expectations, are established from the start.  The tool efficiently gathers and consolidates the information, walking the project owner through the writing process.  Additionally, standardized SOW templates can be created within the VMS to ensure the language of the agreement mitigates risks.  Not only does this diminish vulnerability within the scope of the project, but also at the company level.
Another distinct advantage of utilizing a VMS tool for SOW projects is the gained visibility into the project from the bid process, all the way through to completion.  First, the SOW is created in the tool by the project owner, the person who has intimate knowledge of the what, when and how.  It includes clearly defined and measurable targets to allow the project owner and potential SOW consultant to track success and avoid failure.  Then, it goes out for bid.  The VMS tool allows a side by side comparison of proposals.  This consolidation of data means the project owner can quickly identify the best consultant for the assignment.  Once the consultant is selected and engaged, costs and milestones are tracked in the tool, allowing management the ability to see the status of the project at any given time and make adjustments, if necessary.
Integrating SOW projects under the umbrella of the VMS tool will result in better end-to-end project management and financial control, while providing a line of sight into the project throughout its lifecycle.  Randstad Corporate Services is able to quickly and efficiently incorporate SOW projects into our existing MSP/VMS relationships, allowing clients a greater visibility into their contingent workforce spend and a solution that will mitigate risks and reduce overall costs.
Local High School Students exploreWork with Randstad
In 2011, Randstad unveiled its exploreWork program, a national initiative designed to motivate high school students to achieve educational goals and prepare them for successful entry into the workforce. The program introduces job readiness to high school students and increases awareness of the attitudes, skills, behaviors and preparation needed for success at work.

At the heart of exploreWork is the collaboration between a local Randstad team and neighborhood school. This alliance provides career related mentorship and support services to meet the specific needs of the students.

Through exploreWork, every Randstad employee has the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of area teens. This program truly reflects our core values, ‘to know, serve, and trust’ and simultaneous promotion of all interests.

Read more about how Randstad is making a difference by pointing students in the right direction!
Welcome to our second edition of RCS Insights. 

The summer of 2012 has been very busy for Randstad and our valued partners.  We were delighted last week to see that Randstad was ranked #1 in the Staffing Industry Analysts 2012 list of the largest U.S. staffing firms, in the office and administrative category.  This has been our objective for the last few years and with the acquisition last year of the SFN group, we were able to secure our place at the top.  The integration continues to go extremely well and we are excited about the 3rd quarter, when the talent systems used in the legacy SFN programs within RCS will transition to the Randstad platform.

On the economic front, June employment reports continue to paint contingent staffing hires as the bright spot in the jobs reports.  Contract and temporary workers accounted for just under a third of the new hires in June, adding 25,200 jobs to the US economy, which represents 31.5% of those created for the month.  The unemployment rate for college grads is now below 4 percent and we see that many job seekers, including new college graduates, are pursuing contingent or flexible contract assignments as a way to get their foot in the door with a great company and find long term employment.

Our Randstad U.S. Employee Confidence Index revealed that US workers remain optimistic, yet cautious.  Attitudes of workers and employees have been impacted by the headlines around the European financial crises and the choppy economic recovery.  This uncertainty has pulled our industry in a positive direction as more companies continue to rely upon contingent labor to maintain workforce variability and to hire hard-to-find talent for critical positions.
You will find some very interesting articles in this edition of RCS Insights, as we highlight international workplace trends, as well as, information about the generational differences in the workplace.  This information is not only fascinating but it impacts and informs how we recruit and manage talent in today’s ever changing labor market. 

Enjoy our RCS Insights….it is good to know you!
Randstad selected as one of GWBC's Top Corporations!
The Greater Women’s Business Council (GWBC) announced on May 8th, that Randstad was selected as one of their Top Corporations for 2012! Randstad is recognized for its commitment to the organization and Women Business Enterprises (WBEs).

“I am really excited about this award and what it means for Randstad and its support of inclusion and corporate social responsibility,” said Keya Grant, Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Randstad. “It also reflects our commitment to diversity and women business enterprises. We are in great company as Accenture, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, UPS, and a few other corporations are also recognized as Top Corporations. The most exciting news about this is that Randstad is the only staffing company to receive this award! We have lots to be proud of. One achieved…many more to receive!”

GWBC recognized this year’s Top Corporations at its annual luncheon on May 17th.
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